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Benefits of Investing With Us

Our investment opportunities offer consistent cash flow and double digit returns. Once the property is identified, we underwrite the project and build value. Our company seeks to partner with Accredited , Non-Accredited and Sophisticated Investors.

Stabilized, cash flowing property is very attractive to institutional buyers including commercial real estate REIT’s, institutionalized investment firms, or investors looking for real estate investments to diversify their portfolio. We plan on a 3-7 year exit strategy but may hold some properties for long term cash flow.


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Passive Income Passive Income

Our investments generate sufficient income to cover operational, improvement and mortgage costs throughout the project period, allowing consistent passive income to flow through to our investors.

Asset Appreciation Asset Appreciation

Employing our strategies to reduce expenses and increase income will force appreciation of the property.

Inflation Protection Inflation Protection

History repeats itself over and over again. The value of these properties will increase over time.

Tax Benefits Tax Benefits

You can invest using your IRA and take advantage of depreciation.

Stable Investment Stable Investment

More control, greater flexibility with predictability than the stock market.

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As a reputed commercial real estate investment company, we focus our purchases in the markets throughout the United States, with a current focus on the Midwest, South, Arizona and Texas. These markets have strong employment and stable or growing population trends. Prior to closing, improvements are planned as well as unit upgrades, which will allow an increase to rents. We also employ a skilled property manager to improve operations and reduce operating expenses. Once the property is stabilized, we may refinance it paying off some or all of the investor capital, maintain it long term for steady cash flow, or 1031 exchange it for a larger property.

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Heritage Of Riverstone Apartment

Heritage Of Riverstone Apartment

Ashcroft Manor

Ashcroft Manor

Riverstone Apartment

Riverstone Apartment





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