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Are You Considering These Facts When Buying a Commercial Property?

Are You Considering These Facts When Buying a Commercial Property?

Over time, the interest in investing in commercial properties has increased a lot. Nowadays, more investors can be seen investing in commercial properties than it was five years back. However, it is also significant to understand the complex real estate market before making any haphazard decision.

For beginning investors, the commercial real estate property market is much more complicated than the residential property market. It is the fear of the unknown that makes many stay away from commercial properties. Nonetheless, to get rid of the fear, it is essential to know about the factors influencing the successful and unsuccessful investment in commercial real estate. Below is a list of the factors to be considered when buying commercial real estate for sale in Arizona.

Things to Consider When Investing in a Commercial Property


If you are trying to find out the income that a property will generate, consider the property’s yield. As the capital growth rate in commercial real estate is not as high as the residential growth rate, it is smart to use yields to measure the actual value. Hence, future returns that one receives from an investment return is a sign that helps in determining whether to select this type of investment or not. Factors of yield measurement are as follows:

  • Market value/property’s cost
  • Annual income
  • Running costs

Location/ Demographics

The choice of location in any property investment should be strategic. Factors that affect location generally change with time, some improve equity value, and others reduce it. The significant factors to consider are:

  • Position in the suburb
  • Businesses around that support leases
  • Presence or absence of similar commercial properties in the area
  • Zoning and population number
  • The location’s visibility
  • Public transport accessibility
  • Potential tenants’ accessibility

Also, it is crucial to check the legal council zoning laws to find out what business types are allowed in a specific vicinity. Furthermore, it is essential to verify future council developmental plans that usually affect commercial property.

Correspondingly, demographic changes in a place is a fundamental point in the selection of an investment property. For example, expections that the number of businesses or tenants will be moving to that specific location. One should consider whether the business tenants will probably remain similar, grow or shrink in the long haul.

Interest Rates

Many forget to consider that the fluctuation of interest rates affects the value of a property. The decrease in interest rates offers investors incentives to invest more in the commercial market. Mainly, when the commercial market becomes affordable, more unsure investors generally secure commercial financing for buying a commercial property.

Simultaneously, when interest rates increase, investors do not receive any incentives to invest more in the commercial real estate market. In other words, investors will not be interested in securing commercial loans, signifying that lesser investors will invest in commercial properties causing commercial property industry stagnation.